About The Store

For a small store, the Dixie has a lot of stuff!! We make fresh popcorn all the time and flavour it with:
Pickled Cowboy
Salt & Vinegar
White Cheddar
The oh so popular Dixie Dare!!!

Now what are you going to do with all this delicious popcorn? Donít worry we have got you covered with DVD and Blu Ray Rentals, along with snacks, milk, ice cream and all the other necessities such as Lottery Tickets, Slush Puppies, Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Tackle and many other pleasant surprises.

In the spring and summer months we have chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream but The Dixie Dairy Bar does not stop at just soft serve. Dare to be bold and try some of our many creations!!
Ice Cream Shop:
Regular and Waffle Cones
Dixie Bergs (Slush Puppie meets Ice Cream!)
Dixie Mixes (Ice Cream meets Chocolate Bar!)
Ice Coffee
Sundaes Galore!